Landscape maintenance

Below is a complete specification of works which we would tailor to your specific needs;

•    Litter pick all areas including shrub beds, roads, paths, fire exits and service areas
•    Sweep and blow car parks and footpaths.
•    Mow and strim grassed areas during growing season, usually between April and October depending on rate of growth.
•    Keep all roadways, car park areas and common parts free from weeds and moss.
•    Spray roads, all car parks, paths and service areas for weeds during the summer months.
•    Spray roads, all car parks, paths and service areas for moss during the winter months.
•    Keep all shrubs, hedges and small trees pruned, safe and cut back from public areas and road signs etc.
•    Remove all rubbish and cuttings from site and take to a waste disposal centre.
•    Clear/remove/dispose of fallen leaves during the autumn.
•    Check grit salt levels and condition of grit bins and report requirements.
•    Report any fly tipping on site.
•    Remove and dispose of any unauthorised signs, banners, posters, fly stickers etc.